Large Animals



We help with vaccinations, castrations, breeding soundness exams, pregnancy checks, BI BVD testing, ultrasound services, herd health consults, health certificates, and more.

Foot care, lameness exam and hoof trims.

We also offer emergency services for sick animals, prolapses and dystocia (problems calving).


We support vaccination services, Coggins, sheath cleaning, equine castration and health certificates. Our emergency services include colic work-up, treatment and laceration repair.

And More

We also see pigs, sheep, llama, goats and bison for general services, which can include blood pregnancy testing on Ruminant (cattle, goats, llama), neonatal calf care, blood transfusions and artificial insemination.


Okie Dokie Cattle Data

We do Pregnancy & PI-BVD testing on Cattle, Goats, Sheep and Buffalo through Okie Dokie cattle data.

Download Pregnancy Test Form

Download PI-BVD Test Form for Clients

Download PI-BVD Test Form for Veterinarians

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